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Introducing... Profit Story 1.5

A comprehensive sales tool for the beverage industry.

Who can benefit from Profit Story?

Beverage wholesalers, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, other beverage manufacturers and retailers.

What can Profit Story do for your company?

Profit Story is an excellent tool whether you are salesperson promoting your products or a retailer wishing to analyze your costs and pricing strategies. It is a profitability calculator that instantly generates personalized product proposals, sell-sheets, signs, table-tents, product comparisons and profitability analysis. It is extremely adept at replacing competitive products. Profit Story compares profitability of products, serving styles, pricing, turnover, etc.

See it in action.

Profit Story

Profit Story helps accomplish the following goals.


Profit Story can analyze and compare unlimited sales scenarios for any beverages. Multiple scenarios can be viewed simultaneously. It has calculators that are designed to analyze all off-premise and on-premise sales. A case calculator will analyze all off premise sales and on premise bottle sales. There are on-premise calculators for draught beer, wine, liquor and soda sales. These will analyze and compare any serving scenario and help choose glass type, glass size, foam height on beer, ice type and level for soda, service loss, cup and CO2 cost. Profit Story will clearly show cost, retail, wholesale, gross profit, turnover, extended gross profit, pour cost, margin and markup. Drop down lists include industry standard sizes for every field. Fields can be locked, forcing others to be recalculated. Graphical and intuitive screen make it extremely easy to understand.

Proposal Generator

If you are in sales, you will find the proposal generator indispensable. The proposal generator lets you instantly take the scenarios from the calculators and turn them into personalized proposals in minutes. These proposals can simply present products or compare you products and ideas to competitive ones. You can modify the proposal templates into your own custom templates to suit you needs. Proposals will print in professional format, addressed to the buyer or manager of the account, and will close with your name and company. The proposals can be printed directly or imported into you favorite word processor. "Proposals" can include letters, shelf-signs, table-tents, sell sheets or a profitability analysis

Customizing Profit Story

Profit Story can be customized to represent your company's product lines. If you are a brewery, winery, liquor or soft drink manufacturer, we can customize Profit Story for you. This includes adding your logos to the Profit Story templates. This is an excellent way to provide a sales tool to your distribution network that will directly enhance the representation of your products.