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Soda Fountain Calculator

The Soda Fountain Calculator is designed to analyze and compare profitability of carbonated soft drinks dispensed from fountains into individual servings with or without ice. Note that if you are analyzing the profitability of soda sold by a store, you should use the case calculator. We assume that this will be primarily used for restaurants and bars. This is because for the purposes of the store the sell units are individually packaged, but the restaurant must repackage the syrup into smaller servings, usually by adding water, carbonation and ice, and selling it by the glass. Because of the repackaging the wine, liquor, keg and soda calculators also have additional fields for selecting serving style and accommodating service loss. The Soda Fountain Calculator can be used for many purposes, both on and off premise, such as comparing profitability between fountain and packaged product. Pricing can be computed based on any cost, retail, serving size or serving style. The calculator will solve for a variety of variables. The Soda Calculator will help you choose optimum glass size, glass style, and ice usage with graphical screens. It will help you determine the best retail price points for both bottles and kegs; import, domestic, or micro. This will maximize trade up tendency and profitability.